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Read what other people have to say about their experience while at The Weston Center for Dental Health Below…

I finally had the need to go to the Dentist thanks to uncooked popcorn from courtesy of the Imax in Reading. I asked probably 10 people who their dentist wasand if they liked them. Some people didn’t rememerb their Denitsts name, Some people warned me about American Dental (say that name and you can start a stream of negativity), and the one who raved about their Dentist said Dr Weston. The more I learned the more I liked. I was lucky that it wasn’t an emergency, so I did have time to pick the office I wanted to go to, and since I’ve been here from Annapolis only 4 years, I didn’t know where to start. Dr Weston’s office was nice enough to get me in on the day I called, and I was able to get my tooth fixed. I’m not usually a review writer, especially concerning Doctors and such, but when you find a good one, you share. I like the way he is community oriented and I was impressed by the Smiles for Haiti donation thing they do. ENough said.. when you see me smiling, you’ll know that one of my teeth was fixed by the best dentist in Reading.

Its funny. I love that office. I think the people who work there are the cream of the crop. Maybe the person complaining was missing teeth and expecting to get a job.

They have had the same staff there since I’ve been a patient over the last two years, Oh well to each his own. I just took my Grandma there and saved $2000 over the same things that american dental wanted to do and they did it fast. my family has been there for 2 years. no bad comments on anything from us. Just good honest doctor… no fast talk bait and switch like other places.

It all started 3 years ago with a toothache on a Saturday afternoon. Dr Weston dropped what he was doing to help me. What Service! I have been a patient since and have had a lot of work and different kinds of procedures done: Crowns, Veneers, 2 root canals, and extraction (hard but easy), and a bridge. I keep thinking I’m going to stump this guy. NOT. He is the best Dentist I could ever imagine. I look great – better then ever, and I was never put in any discomfort what so ever, even with my extensive work. I’ve referred 20 people to this guy and all of my girlfriends have a little we love Dr Bob club. He’s just that nice and that good. Super new office and way up to date. Friendly staff! I don’t write these things much but I had to. You’ll LOVE him. Promise Heres the number 610 621 2099. Tell him Jeanie Rack sent ya. ;)

Awesome Dentist! Always helped with emergencies for my family and does all different kinds of stuff so I don’t have to go anywhere for getting a tooth pulled or saved. Dr Weston did 4 inplants on my dad to hold in his denture. he like it.

“Weston Dental center is awesome I liked the dentist there. Dr Weston was wonderful and I thought he was very personable. I thought the quality of work was great. Highly recommend to anyone, and I do. The office (and Dr) smelled clean :) Cool office in an old barn…

I’m just waking up from what could have been the worst night of my life. BUT.. Dr Weston did a root canal on me at 2:30 last night and I slept like a baby. I was anxiety stricken thinking I had to go thru another night of hell, with this one promising to be the worst ever. I searched google, found¬† (nice website doc) and clicked on the number for dental emergencies. Nothing less then a God send. I can’t believe the guy drove 35 mins on my account just so I could get relief, and I wasn’t even a regular patient of there. I am now! We talked about root canals and I almost decided to have it pulled and have a implant because he was telling me about his implant office that does the whole thing for less then half of what other dentists charge. Dr Weston is one smart cookie, and i look forward to getting my mouth back to perfect. I know I can accomplish that at the Weston center. Thanks again. you d a bomb Doc