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Invisalign Orthodontics

INVISALIGN is an orthodontic solution that provides for moderate tooth movement using
a custom made series of clear plastic “aligners”.  It does not require the brackets and wires
that traditional braces utilize, therefore making keeping your teeth clean much easier.  The
cost and length of treatment is similar to standard fixed braces, and within the limitations of
the appliance can offer the same results.

After a consultation to see if Invisalign Orthodontics is right for you, records are taken such
as a full mouth xray, impressions and bite registration of you teeth, and photographs.  These
are submitted to a CAD 3-D computer program that will evaluate the requests of the Dentist,
input all of the criteria for treatment.  A computer generated model of your mouth is made,
and changes are made to the model in two week increments until the final goal of treatment
is reached.  You are asked to review the results with your Dentist, where as you can watch
your teeth move and accept the treatment based on the computer generated sequence of
aligners.  The aligners are fabricated and sent packaged in individual treatment weeks.  Each
aligner is worn for a two week period before it is replaced with the next one.  By having your
entire treatment mapped out from the very beginning, there is less of a need for you to visit the
Dental office every two weeks.  If you wearing the aligners as prescribed, there are times when
you may only need to visit the office every six weeks.

Invisalign orthodontic treatment is not for everybody.  You have to have a mature dentition and
complete root formation of your second molars.  This usually happens by the age of sixteen.
It is also less predictable to correct an anterior open bite due to the design of the appliance.
Invisalign is a great way to relieve moderate crowding, and to correct a deep overbite.  It also
works well to correct teeth that in a crossbite relationship or if there is excessive spacing.

As with all Orthodontic treatment, after completion you must wear a retainer to keep the teeth
form reverting back to their previous malocclusion.  I always tell people that they have to wear
their retainers at least until I’m dead :)

You can learn more about this incredible advancement in orthodontics by visiting the web site, or by making an appointment for a free consultation with our office.