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FAQ Why Do You Get All These New Patients From Reading PA?

Dr. Weston: Questions and answers with Dr. Weston. I’m Dr. Weston.

Female: Johan from Pottsville is interested in finding a dentist and she investigated around Reading and you seem to be a very popular dentist among all your patients. Why do you gain all these patients among all these others dentists?

Dr. Weston: Well, I think one of our defining factors is that we’re like having a dentist in the family. I think that we’re a very personable office. Yes, we’re busy but we’re not too busy to know who you are and to deal with each individual. All of the doctors who work for us are all highly skilled and very clinically excellent, I believe. But it’s not that that brings the folks in to the Weston Center. It’s the way they are cared for, the way they feel, the smiles they get from us when we’re giving them the smiles to take home.

It’s just a whole different experience. When I go to a doctor, I look and see all the things that they are doing and all the things that they are not doing, and the positives I always bring back to my office and share that with my staff. And again, it’s like having a dentist in the family. You want to be treated like I’m your brother or I’m your dad or whatever. It’s a great feeling to know that you can count on a guy to be there for you on a Saturday if you have a toothache.

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  • Katia Craig

    Yes, that’s perfectly true!  A good dentist doesn’t just excel clinically. He must also interact well with his patients. Good dentists should empathize with their clients.

    Katia Craig

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