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FAQ Can You Describe The Procedure of A Dental Implant?

Dr. Weston: Questions and answers with Dr. Weston. I’m Dr. Weston.

Female: Dr. Weston, we get so many questions regarding dental implants. Can you offer the very basics so they can understand the procedure, and what happens during the dental plant?

Dr. Weston: Well, sure, sure. There are many different reasons why dental implant would be necessary or useful in your mouth. The basic explanation of what a dental implant is, is that it’s an artificial root form that bonds to the bone. And there are parts that screw into the implant and then we would glue a cap on top of the implant abutment.

So those are the basic parts of an implant. The different reasons why you would use an implant would be to replace a single missing tooth and again, this shows the placement of the implant and then the abutment, and then the final crown on top.

You can use this for a single tooth. You can use this for multiple teeth. You can use this as an implant supported denture so — or a hybrid type denture that the denture rests upon a series of implants that are attached with a bar. You can actually offer a removable solution that the implants will actually pop in to snaps and then they pop back out. That would be an implant retained denture. And then there’s also a fixed implant bridge that would be supported with screws into the implants that would be permanently fixed, only to be removed by your dentist on your cleaning.

So there are solutions to replace missing teeth using dental implants that offer a great advantage to using natural tooth structure because they don’t decay and it’s a great solution for a lot of people, especially denture wearers who do not have the confidence that they have in their denture to be able to snap in a denture especially on the lower plate. It’s a godsend.

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