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FAQ About Root Canals

Dr. Weston: Questions and answers with Dr. Weston. I’m Dr. Weston.

Female: Dr. Weston, we get a lot of questions about root canals. Patients don’t want to have them done because they believe they’re painful. How do you feel about that?

Dr. Weston: Well, in my office, people think I’m Superman when I work with them and with an infected tooth. A lot of times, you’ll have a tooth that hurts because of bacterial infection inside the tooth. And what happens is the infection that came through the top of the tooth now goes down into the bone and that’s where the swelling occurs and that’s what causes pain.

Root canal treatment is not necessarily painful. It’s the toothache that they had before they come in is what they believe is painful. In our office, we do our root canals in two steps. The first step basically is just to get folks out of pain. It’s a very simple five-minute procedure and basically what we do is we get you numb with a little local anesthetic. We do a little baby hole, smaller than most fillings, and relieve the inside of the tooth and rinse it out with the anesthetic to get rid of all the infection sources.

Then we’ll put you on antibiotics for a week or so and we’ll have you come back in and at that point measure and seal the tooth all the way down to the base of the tooth so that the infection doesn’t come back. Ninety-nine percent of our patients find that first appointment five minutes — it takes us ten minutes to talk to you about it and five minutes to do it. But after that first appointment, I get so many e-mails from folks saying, “That was great!” “Jeez, no pain.” “Why are there so many problems?” “Why do people have problems with root canals?”

It’s all in the tactic. If you relieve the pressure, stop you from biting the tooth so hard by reducing the occlusion a little bit, root canals don’t have to be painful at all. In fact, like I said, people think I’m Superman when I do that. That’s one of my best procedures, probably one of the reasons why the most successful people — I’ve been able to get them out of pain easily and now they have that tooth in their mouth when they get a bite at home.

Female: That’s great.

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    I’ve always had a negative impression of root canals because of my friends. They still don’t sound like rainbows to me though I’m glad I know more about it.

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