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FAQ About Free Teeth Whitening For Life?

Dr. Weston: Questions and answers with Dr. Weston. I’m Dr. Weston.

Female: I see on your website that you are promoting “Free Whitening for Life”. Exactly how does that work?

Dr. Weston: Well, with the purchase of our deep bleaching treatment, we want to make it available for you to be able to maintain that bleaching smile. So as long as you’re a patient or getting your teeth cleaned twice a year, we will give you a free brush-on applicator as a touch-up pen that you can pick up for as long you’re a patient with us that we’ll be able to help you maintain your zoomed white smile. And it’s just an offer that we’re doing to help people enjoy their new white teeth.

If you would like to find out more information about our practice or especially about our new Whitening for Life Program that we are offering, please visit our website at or call us at (877) 366-1014. On behalf of all of us at the Weston Center, keep smiling.

  • matthew23

    Most use do-it-yourself” tooth whitening products to get rid of nasty stains caused by alcohol, food, or nicotine. They’re usually easy to use and apply, and provides no side-effects for a fast whitening solution.

  • Teeth Whitening Reviews

    You’ve answered to all the most commonly asked questions, thanks mate…

  • Bradley Bedell

    Hmmm… This is a great deal. This way, people can have pearly white teeth and the clinic gets to have more customers. But the best part about it is that clients can have a brilliant smile that lasts for a lifetime, and have something to smile about as they age.

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    Hey nice job you are doing doc. I have such a question. If i am using the tobacco everyday how much it will affect to my teeth? And i want to clean my teeth they become yellow? So what is the products or home remedies i can use?

  • dental clinic myrtle beach

    I wish my dentist is generous like Dr. Weston. It can help
    maintain a good customer relationship and it can attract more people that can
    soon become a loyal one to his clinic.

  • porcelain veneers sydney

    If every dentist can do this free whitening treatment they
    can have more loyal patients. This is beneficial for the dentist and the

  • bloomington dentists

    I think this can be misleading. Unless you are a heavy smoker, would you need teeth whitening every year?

  • Cands Calgara

    dentist in myrtle beach sc have tips in getting whiter teeth for free. They love to give natural advices for patients that loves to be natural.

  • Ryan

    I frequently have a dentist appointment every month. If there’s one thing I learned from my dentist in Revere MA, that would be the importance of brushing your teeth. It may sound simple, but a lot of people fail to do this. 

  • Rockford Dentist

    I think the ultimate tip in having a lifetime white teeth is brushing your teeth. I don’t think this method ever fails as long as you have the discipline. Well, another thing that would be also helpful is avoiding colorful foods.

  • dental implants scottsdale az

    How I wish there was an actual teeth whitener that lasts forever. I won’t mind paying for it even though it might cost a lot since it would be a one time thing compared to buying toothpastes and toothbrush over and over again!

  • Findmydentist

    Teeth whitening is great because it helps build your confidence and it shows future employers that you are serious about maintaining your health and professional appearance.  

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