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Cosmetic Dentistry

COSMETIC DENTISTRY is a new trend in the Untied States and across the world for
that matter.  Never before has there been so many alternatives to achieve a clean white smile.
Here are just a few things that help you smile more often:

Bleaching – this can be done in the dental office for quick results usually in less than a hour
using a special formulated peroxide based gel and an activating light.  Bleaching can also be
accomplished over a two week take home period wear gel is placed inside of a custom made
tray for a short time each day.  We offer both treatments, as well as offering a combination
treatment for a discounted price.  We feel we get the best results when both modalities are used.

Bonding -  Bonding is a porcelain filled plastic resign that adheres to tooth structure through
a special process of adhesion.  This compost resign has undergone many improvements in the
past years and now come in a variety of color, opacity and translucency to match the specific
tooth structure that is being replaced.  Though these materials maintain a high luster for years,
you can expect slight staining and discoloration over time due to the porosity inherent in the
resin based material.

Porcelain Veneers – Porcelain veneers offer the same ability to change the shape and color
of your teeth but have an advantage in that porcelain is very difficult to stain, and maintains
its luster and color for many years.  With periodic cleanings, you can expect to have the same
smile for 20 or more years.  Porcelain veneers are fabricated in a dental laboratory from an
impression made of your teeth after they have been prepared.  It usually is only necessary to
remove 1 mm of enamel, and therefore temporary restorations which would be difficult to
maintain are often not needed.  We place a special emphasis with our lab on a quick turn
around time for our veneer cases.

Crowns -  When over 50% of the tooth structure is missing or damaged, it becomes necessary
to restore the tooth with a more permanent restoration to prevent additional complications
and to restore the tooth to its original strength.  Crowns provide for a thimble shaped cover
that disperses the stress from chewing over the entire tooth.  We offer gold crowns that have
an advantage by being able to have superior marginal integrity, Porcelain fused to gold or
a high gold content metal for posterior teeth and better aesthetics, and all porcelain crowns
for anterior teeth to prevent that “black gum line” you often see on older metal-porcelain crowns
if the gingival margin has receded.

Invisalign – Having straight teeth is not only appealing, but allows for more of a self cleaning
action as nature intended.  Crooked teeth catch more food and create more cavities.  Being able
to correct your malocclusion with invisible aligners is a cosmetic alternative to standard braces.